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The "Ribbon for Japan x Chase" Tour

The Art of Chase

Inspired by Chase's artwork and his positive and uplifting stencil messages that define his unique artwork, we organized an international tour that took the entire creative RFJ team to the Tohoku region from October 7 through October 10, 2011. Starting in Sendai, the Ribbon for Japan tour was intended to document and shed light on the actual situation in Japan, helping us identify where aid and support is most needed, while promoting the Tohoku region internationally, and demonstrating to the world the "positive" that is coming out of this disaster. Our public live painting sessions that we had scheduled across the region involved local communities from Sendai to Ishinomaki, allowing the audience and participants to escape for a moment from the daily concerns and challenges affecting everyone in the region, while bringing "color" and "happiness" to people's lives! We hope our resulting documentary "Through My Lens" - scheduled to be released in Spring 2013 - will influence the general public around the world, including other like minded artists and musicians, to reach out to their friends to raise awareness internationally while helping our Project raise the financial and spiritual support needed.

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