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On March 11, 2011, a 9.0 earthquake off the northeastern coast of Japan unleashed a Tsunami of unprecedented magnitude inundating Japan's eastern coastline that ultimately resulted in a catastrophic nuclear meltdown and left tens of thousand people dead or missing in its wake.

Five months later, the country continues its brave path of recovery, beginning the slow process of rebuilding many coastal towns which were erased from the map, reuniting families that were separated while restoring the lives of many that lost friends and family in this catastrophic disaster, now referred to as the Great East Japan Earthquake. Overall recovery cost are estimated to exceed $300 billion, making this natural disaster one of the most costly in the history of mankind, not to mention the human suffering that can't be accounted for.

About Us

Based in Los Angeles, California, the "Ribbon for Japan" Project is a global awareness campaign established by a group of professionals from the Fashion, Art, Music, and Entertainment industry (FAME). The Project's mission is to aid in the relief and humanitarian efforts currently underway in response to the country's recent earthquake and tsunami. Its main goal is to establish a global community of like-minded volunteers that will seek individual and corporate support and help in empowering and rebuilding Japan.

The awareness campaign aims to shed light beyond Japan's border on the ongoing plight in the disaster stricken areas of the Tohoku region and the many imminent challenges currently facing Japan in the aftermath of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake & Tsunami that destroyed many lives and continues to affect many Japanese severely.

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