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Ribbon for Japan Project

We need your help! Despite the public support and many financial contributions made from around the globe to well-established non-profit organizations such as the Red Cross, there is a tremendous void that needs to be filled immediately to improve the dire situation in the Tohoku region that was paralyzed and severely impacted by this terrible disaster.

As time has gone on and other world events have captured the international media's attention, the physical, spiritual, and financial support for Japan has gradually begun to decrease, drastically reducing the support urgently needed during these challenging times.

Let us not forget the thousands of victims taken by the Tsunami and the many loved ones that were left behind, the Fukushima nuclear disaster that has contaminated Japan's food supply, and the economic and political challenges Japan now faces in an attempt to rebuild Japan.

Join our community and make a difference by supporting the "Ribbon for Japan" cause. Knowing that power lies in numbers, we are reaching out to our friends and family around the world seeking active contributions that will enable us to affect change. All it takes is a $1 contribution, which will allow us to reach out to those in need and help us make a difference where it is most needed.

Support us and get your

As a symbol of unity and a token of our sincere appreciation, every supporter and volunteer will receive an exclusive embroidered "Ribbon for Japan" patch. With your participation in this movement, we hope to inspire others to join our cause and help make a difference.

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